Python module list


Module nflcmd provides functions and types that are useful for building new commands. For example, this includes formatting specifications for tables of data, functions for aligning tabular data, and...


Module nfldb provides command line tools and a library for maintaining and querying a relational database of play-by-play NFL data. The data is imported from [nflgame](


Module nflfan provides a way to connect your fantasy rosters with statistical data in nfldb in order to perform live scoring. nflfan also provides a simple web interface that can be used to watch all...


nflgame is an API to retrieve and read NFL Game Center JSON data. It can work with real-time data, which can be used for fantasy football.

nflgame works by parsing the same JSON data that powers NFL...


A simple library to download, slice and search NFL game footage on a play-by-play basis.

This library comes with preloaded play-by-play meta data, which describes the start time of each play in the ...


Module pdoc provides types and functions for accessing the public documentation of a Python module. This includes modules (and sub-modules), functions, classes and module, class and instance variable...


Module pywingo provides a high level interface to the Wingo window manager. This includes running commands to manage your windows and workspaces, and responding...


A small API to read and analyze CSV files by inferring types for each column of data.

Currently, only int, float and string types are supported. from collections import namedtuple